Technical Details

HP Category 50
Cubic Capacity (CC) 2979
Air Cleaner – Type & Size 3 stage wet type
Transmission Speed 8F + 2R with High-low selector
Hydraulic Lifting Capacity (kg) 1400
Fuel Tank Capacity (ltr) 63
Gearbox Type Partial constant mesh
Power Take off Rear-mounted – 6 splines
Brake System Oil immersed brakes
Clutch Single diaphram /Dual-clutch
Hydraulic System High-tech, fully live with Position and Draft control lever
Steering system Mechanical/Power steering
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 3540 x 1825 x 2260
Wheelbase (mm) 1950
Total Weight(Unballasted)(kg) 1945/2035

Key Specs

Hydraulic Pump FlowFaster movement of oil in the system.
Cylinders 4 cylinders for increased power and efficiency.
Service IntervalLonger run time guaranteed.
Fuel Tank CapacityLarger quantity of fuel for longer working hours.
Multi-disc BrakesImmediate braking with minimal heat produced.