Technical Details

HP Category 40
Cubic Capacity (CC) 2235
Air Cleaner – Type & Size 3 stage wet type
Transmission Speed 8F + 2R with High-low selector
Hydraulic Lifting Capacity (kg) 1400
Fuel Tank Capacity (ltr) 63
Gearbox Type Partial constant mesh
Power Take off Rear-mounted – 6 splines
Brake System Oil immersed brakes
Clutch Single diaphragm
Hydraulic System High-tech, fully live – Position and Draft control lever
Steering system Mechanical /Power steering
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 3455 x 1750 x 2250
Wheelbase (mm) 1880
Total Weight (Unballasted)(kg) 1835

Key Specs

Hydraulic Pump FlowFaster oil-flow for a better lifting experience.
Service IntervalLonger runtime, longer shelf life.
Engine Rated RPMMaximum power with minimum RPM.
Optimum Weight DistributionIncreased stability and traction.
Minimum Specific Fuel Consumption Fuel efficient both in the field and on the road.